The Bench Press MasterClass

To set you up as a High Paid and In Demand SuperCoach

Why Should I Do This Course?

The Bench Press is todays King of the Upper Body exercises but why? And should it be so?

The Bench Press is also considered a dangerous exercise by some, and non-functional by others.

In this course we dive deep into Pressing movements and explore why, when and how you should perform these exercises and in doing so how to create bullet- proof shoulders.

We feel there is too big a gap between what you learn in your Cert 4 and what you actually need to know to apply these lifts to a living, breathing person in the gym, most trainers struggle to properly implement these lifts and get the results that would turn them into a high-paid, in-demand expert.

So that’s why we created SuperCoaches Courses and Workshops.

Being a great technical coach is the best marketing you can do for your business and as the Squat, Deadlift and Pressing movements are the most efficient for helping clients and athletes make dramatic progress, you will enjoy seeing your clients progress, stay with you and become raving fans.

This is why you should join us 🙂

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Here's What You Will Learn

Our Bench Press masterclass goes beyond the basic’s of lifting and strength training. We completely deconstruct the lift and teach you how to apply biomechanical laws to improve the lift for any client- whether they require pre-habilitation or performance enhancement.

We teach an assessment method that screens a client for lifting within minutes. However, if you find an issue (and you often will) you will then have a detailed biomechanical assessment process that will give you all the information you need to start progressing the client.

We believe that to have a great squat- you have to have great joints so we teach you how to ASSESS all of the joints involved in the lift and how to get them functioning optimally though correct MOBILISATION and STABILISATION strategies.

Whether the client needs MOBILITY or STABILITY you will be taught a library of techniques that will improve your clients results- often immediately.

This isn’t just another course that teaches you about what a squat should look like, and how to best perform it.

Of course- we love lifting- so when the client can meet the positional demands of the lift we’ll teach you how to choose the best variation, and advanced coaching cues to effectively improve strength and performance every time!

From a programming perspective you will learn the principles you need to know to apply to strength, power and hypertrophy training as well as many proven methods used by the top athletes in the world.

Look behind the Scenes of The Bench Press Workshop…

Results Speak for Themselves

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