Find any clients best squat stance

Have you wondered why some people squat with a wider stance versus a narrower one?

Or with their feet straight ahead versus their feet pointing out?

One of the fundamentals of a good squat is correct foot positioning.

But is there a better/best/most optimal foot
Stance position?

You bet there is…

And foot position is one of the essential elements
Involved that will make a HUGE difference in results.

However, not one size fits all. It WILL undoubtedly
Depend on your unique bony anatomy…AND your goals

We all have similar bones, but these bones can look very different for each individual. Check out the differences here…

Figure 1. Here we have two femurs from two different people. One points more upwards, the other points more downwards


Figure 2.Here one of the “balls” in the ball and socket joint is extended longer off the femur than the other.

Figure 3. Here you can see how different the angle is that the ball is pointing between these two femurs.

Figure 4. Here on the left, you can see into the socket whereas on the right you cannot see the socket at all

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These are structural differences and nothing can be done to change them. These differences will change the way you move and potentially lead to different performing squats & outcome.

In order to capitalize on your client’s leg workouts and squat exercises, you need to identify the best way for them to squat.

And there is a best way for EVERYBODY!

Failing to do this will not only be hazardous to your client … but will also have YOU labelled as the:
“World’s Worst Coach” … or at very least … the
“World’s Worst Coach of an Ugly Squat”.

So what’s the solution?

Well, there’s a bit to it but here’s hack to better squatting you can start using right away…

To find the best stance for your client’s squat based on their individual anatomy
You need to identify the key joints which are restricting the movement

One of those joints is the hip joint…
So let’s check out a cool trick for finding the best hip position for YOUR individual squat

Have him or her lie down on their back in a happy baby pose.

 Happy baby pose is this position that most babies like to lay in

Have them keep their normal low back arch (maintaining a neutral spine) and pull their knees up as high as they comfortably can.

Find the position where they feel most comfortable.
If you manually palpate, it will also be where you feel the least resistance.

This will be that individual’s best hip position.

See where their feet are… and that’s how to find the optimal stance for that individual based on their unique hip anatomy using a yoga pose. Cool huh?